Become the CEO of Your Life.

The PRO2CEO League is a progressive community platform. Its goal is to provide the right tools and the right opportunities to Pro’s in sports, entertainment and business as they transition to “become the CEO of their Life.” And PRO2CEO League isn’t just built to serve the high achieving community. It’s built to serve our nation, its commerce, its kids and its overall wellbeing too.

Members, Partners, Sponsors and Supporters wanted!

We want to give our members the longevity for today and beyond. We are part LinkedIn, part Kickstarter, part Business School, part Inc. Magazine, part Red Cross – and most importantly we are open to help make a your transition meaningful.

The PRO2CEO League  is a  platform that offers our community two key things:

We provide our community with the tools they need to educate and prepare themselves for success.

The right systems for self reinvention.
The right business connections and advice.
The right financial advice and partners.
The right spiritual accompaniment.
The right micro-MBAs, certificate program
The right experiences to learn from.
The right social connections and support.
The right to succeed.

We provide our community with opportunities to complete good works that use their talent and energy in a positive way.

The opportunities to band together and invest in projects.
The opportunities to work with brands and advertisers.
The opportunities to partner with charitable organizations.
The opportunities to support their community.
The opportunities to compete for a new career.
The opportunities to get sponsored.
The opportunities to be heard, take part and win.

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