Corporate Workshops

PRO2CEO Corporate Workshops

PRO2CEO uses its own unique research-based human development approach called the 9 Medallions Method© (9M), which focuses on creating a values-clarification model for effective leadership success.
Our seminars help individuals, teams and organizations learn and achieve success in life, work, and sport.

The 9 Medallions Method to Leadership, Character and Values.

In this seminar, the 9 Medallions Method© is used to show participants a values-based “causality-empowerment” model to approach life issues with increased personal satisfaction and decision-making ability.

Closing Sales through effective Communication Skills.

In this seminar, we will address the principles of effective communication, and how to influence others and gain confidence when using newly acquired verbal and non-verbal techniques for future sales presentations.

At Your Service Customer Service.

In this workshop, we examine the essence of great customer service and define what it takes to reach and retain customers, fans, and new business opportunities.

The Mission and Vision of Leadership.

In this workshop, we will address the components of good leadership and create your own vision & mission chart, with progressive strategies to help you gain clarity and be a more effective leader within your team or organization.

Change Management for an Ever Changing World.

This workshop discusses techniques to demonstrate how individuals can incorporate change management skills to maintain balance and progress towards personal and career success during major periods of transition.

Working in Teams.

This seminar examines the individual and group dynamics needed to determine how differences can strengthen organizational success.

Problem Solving.

This seminar will assist participants in comprehending the challenges of problem solving and cover practical ways to approach the most complex problems for individuals to increase efficiency and productivity.

The Values Tournament to Working as a Team.

In this seminar, we use our Values Tournament tool to determine how differences can strengthen self-actualization and increase overall team performance.

Motivation and Goal Setting.

In this session, we will discuss the strategy and motivation needed to design plans to achieve goals no matter the obstacles so you can reach your desired outcome.

Life & Career Balancing.

In this session, we provide relationship management and work-life balance tools and discuss how to find personal and professional fulfillment that strikes the perfect balance to managing all your life and work obligations.

Diversity Through Sports.

This workshop focuses on how sport can be used to break down hidden barriers present within individuals and organizations, and act as a conduit to increase relations and productivity within a diverse team or organization.

Kevin brought invaluable leadership to Canada when he introduced life-skills training into the Nike, Canada.

Mark Bayne, NIKE, Canada

Your inspirational messages and timely facts about college athletics and educational attainment hit home with both our staff and our student-athletes. You are one of the great ones Kevin.

Dr. Gary Sailes, Associate Professor, Indiana University

Kevin you are a favorite with at the school of business, so that’s why we keep inviting you back to really drive home the message of success to our graduates.

Professor of Business and Sports Management, UCF College of Business

Your keynote on leadership was phenomenal and the impact you have had has been lasting.

Lisa Bing, Leadership and Management Instructor, New York University

Kevin did a great job sharing what can be done personally and collectively to enhance what we need to do to develop as professionals.

Jim Pignataro, Former National President, National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A)

Thanks again for you repeat performance at our recent conference. We brought you back and you delivered an outstanding keynote for our participants again.

Anthony Snipes, Chief of Staff, City of Austin

Kevin, I don't know what we paid you, but that was a $50,000 speech you gave to my team. I took two pages of notes to reinforce what you said.

Tom Izzo, Head Coach, Michigan State University

Insightful, thought provoking and inspiring are just a few kind words I can say about you. Kevin, your presentation to the Future CEO participants on the 9 Medallions was received by our participants.

Khaliah Abdul-Baqui, Executive Director, Compound Foundation

Kevin’s approach to discussing his person and professional journey was inspiring, enlightening and most importantly motivating. You conveyed a solid argument to the benefits of rising above the challenges and aiming to be the absolute best!

Toye Wigley, Manager, JPMorgan Chase

Kevin's presentation hit it right on the nail for our staff and gave us some valuable steps and confidence builders to manage the change our organization is going through.

James Parker, Director of Operations, Association of Athletic Advisors for Athletics (AAU)

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