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Our NIL Solutions for Student-Athletes, Athletic Depts & Collectives

Our innovative program is meticulously crafted to empower student athletes with comprehensive knowledge and skills in business management, ensuring they enter, navigate, and transition through their collegiate experience with the acumen of emerging CEOs.

We perceive and cherish Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) as a pivotal educational instrument. When executed adeptly, NIL furnishes athletes with an extraordinary launchpad, pinnacle, or tee-off (depending on your sport) toward their post-college endeavors.

We are committed to equipping student athletes with the tools and insights necessary to harness the full potential of NIL, fostering not only their athletic prowess but also their entrepreneurial spirit and professional growth

How SA2CEO Works

1.) Consultation

2.) Recommendations

3.) Implementation

From a Student-Athlete To a CEO

The Program

We have developed our own NIL model and professional development IP

The Program is an end-to-end program that has identified 12 areas, in accordance with HB 7-B that student athletes need to be professionally trained in if they want to maximize their NIL opportunities.

The program will educate student athletes on how to present, manage, and protect their brand. Athletes who complete this program will be equipped with the tools necessary to optimize their NIL
opportunities and the tools necessary to become professional high achievers in life, beyond their sport.

What You Can Expect

  • We are a relatable trusted resource who understands the constraints of an being a student, athlete, brand ambassador and possible business owner.
  • We train your student-athletes to leverage their personal brand and develop ways to monetize potential opportunities.
  • We create a clear professional and business educational skill development road map for elite student-athletes that they need now and for life.
  • We build confidence through training and experiences to engage beyond comfort zone and prepare them to be emerging student-athlete leaders.

Educational Topics

Social Media and Content Management

Personal Branding

Financial Education & Management


Leadership Training

Legal & Contract Education

…And many more!

What We Do For NIL Athletic Depts & Collectives

Consulting Services

Career Transition Coaching & Business Advising

Brand Strategy, Development, & Education

Brand Relationship Management

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Keaton Thomas

Baylor University
Position: LB
Jersey: #40
Status: Redshirt
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Jacksonville  

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