Professional 2 Prosperity


Promising 2 Prominent


Progressive 2 Prosperous


Prospect 2 Production


Probability 2 Problem Solver


Prototype 2 Profitability


Probe 2 Proven


Protege 2 Prolific


PRO2CEO Position Statement

PRO2CEO is a transition and business development consulting firm for elite current & former athletes, artists and enterprising organizations who seek to increase their optimization and monetization in the business world. We help create successful transitions, business collaborations, joint ventures and partnerships for high achieving individuals and organizations.

The Transition

PRO2CEO is an emerging leader in developing transition and business development services powering today’s elite professionals and organizations to transition into successful ventures and collaborations.

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The 9 Medallions

The 9 Medallions Method is our own unique “causality empowerment model” that teaches self assessment, character development and instills values to help high achievers clarify what they stand for and be better in their leadership roles.

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Social Responsibility

PRO2CEO desires to help bring about positive social change in the sports and entertainment industry by improving skills in the areas of relationship management, fiscal responsibility, long-term health and strengthening families.

Giving Back


Our Niche Methodology

PRO2CEO introduces the 9 Medallions CHAMPIONS Continuum which focuses on...

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A professional athlete has to have primary and secondary focus on their current and future career or risk not being ready for a successful career transition.


It should be the majority and not the minority that a pro athlete has money and transitions successfully into another career when they retire.


Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan became CEOs after sports, so if it's possible for them, then it's possible for me.


Over 90% of professional athletes will go to work in something when sports are over. Why not try being a CEO?


Every current professional athlete and entertainer is the CEO of their own company.


Now you can JUST DO IT in the business world too.


As a former athlete or artist your business is still performing at your best, but now it's more about mental execution and less about the physical.


Becoming a CEO of your own business is the one position you potentially can hold longer than being a professional athlete and entertainer and be even more successful.