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Transition is the Mission

PRO2CEO is a transition and business consulting and development firm for elite current & former athletes, artists and enterprising organizations who seek to increase their optimization and monetization in the business world.


We work with high-achieving individuals and organizations to help create successful transitions, joint ventures and partnerships.​



We are an elite professional development, management and solutions firm for sports & entertainment, education, corporate and beyond. PRO2CEO empowers individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential through a comprehensive suite of services.


Check out how we have successfully helped our clients transition successfully in their career and also how we create transformative solutions.

Introducing SA2CEO

Our NIL Solutions for Student-Athletes, Athletic Depts & Collectives

We want to ensure that when student athletes leave the program, they continue to move down a path of excellence. We view and value NIL as a key education tool. NIL gives athletes the opportunity to kick start the rest of their lives.


Book Kevin Carr

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Meet The ERs | By Kevin D. Carr

Over the almost 20 years of training emerging and seasoned business professionals and working with athletes at all levels in sport, there are four types of individuals that author and CEO Kevin Carr has encountered: Blamers, Clingers, Leapers and Doers. Each one has a unique approach, but only one is consistently successful.

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The Medalist | By Kevin D. Carr

The new book The Medalist is a simplified unique leadership management approach based on real-life stories and experiences of its author Kevin Carr. The 9 Medallions within the book The Medalist were created to assist new and seasoned leaders to "be the CEO of their life" by establishing a solid foundation of time-tested 9 values to help you set standards in life and successfully lead yourself and others.


Our offerings include The HIT Show Podcast for industry content, the PRO2CEO Report for sports and education insights, published books on critical topics, and an active social media presence on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to engage with our audience and share valuable content.


Discussions With High-Achieving Professionals About Transition And Business Techniques To Help Student And Professional Athletes Achieve Success After Sports.

PRO2CEO Presents

"Methods To Success"

We have created of library of YouTube video people who want to advance up the career ladder, considering a career change or want to become a CEO.

A black and yellow logo for the phoenix report.

The PRO2CEO Report is in partnership with the  University of Florida’s department of Health and Human Performance’s Sport Business Management Program. We collaborated to provide current research on the Top 10 to 20 transitions in professional sports and when pro athletes leave sport and enter business world how well they perform. We also analyze the pre-collegiate and collegiate market place to provide our insights to emerging student-athletes, parents, coaches, trainers and fans on the ever-changing NIL marketplace. 


WNBA Edition


NBA Edition


NFL Edition


MLB Edition


Sustaining Success Summit​


The Sustaining Success Summit (S3), is a leadership summit designed to discuss and provide solutions to the challenges faced by high achieving professionals in sports, entertainment and business. The summit focuses on how elite athletes and artists can build their personal brands beyond sports and entertainment, gain global business insight, increase their company’s digital platform, learn and incorporate successful sustainability traits.


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Leadership Development Coaching

Consultation Services

Our consulting services provides you solutions in the following areas:

Training & Development

We train and coach professionals to become leaders in their industry and position them to become CEO’s of the life they desire.

Thriving in Plan B – In this session we use our 9 Medallions Method© model to show athletes how they can be successful not only in sport, but in the biggest game of all…life.

In this workshop we will address the tenants of good leadership and create vision, mission, and goal setting documents with progressive strategies to effectively lead others throughout the organization.

This session will show participants strategies on how to leverage current experiences to generate greater personal and professional opportunities and relationships.

In this session we will discuss goals and the motivation needed to design plans to help you achieve your goals no matter the obstacles.

In this seminar we examine work-life balance and discuss how you can find professional fulfillment that strikes the perfect balance.

This workshop discusses techniques to demonstrate how individuals can incorporate change management skills to maintain balance and progress towards personal and career success.

This seminar examines the individual and group dynamics needed to determine how differences can strengthen organizational success.

In this session the 9 Medallions Method© is used to show participants a values based empowerment model to approach work life issues with increased satisfaction and productivity.

In this workshop we examine what is the essence of great customer service and defining what it takes to reach, refer and retain customers.

This workshop focuses on how sport can be used to break down hidden barriers that exist within individuals and organizations and act as a conduit to increase relations and productivity within diverse teams.

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