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PRO2CEO empowers individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential through a comprehensive suite of services.

Improve your personal and professional success

From personalized coaching in career advancement, leadership enhancement, and brand development to dynamic training sessions, virtual seminars, and keynote speaking engagements, we offer transformative experiences tailored to your needs.

Our strategic consulting services drive organizational growth and leadership development, while our content services deliver impactful social media management, digital courses, books, training manuals, and workbooks. With expertise in events management, including our signature S3 Summit, sporting events, and partnership gatherings, PRO2CEO is your partner in realizing ambitious goals and fostering sustainable success.

Leadership Development Coaching

The overall goal of this program is to cultivate leadership development in your organization’s employees and transfer those skills to all areas of their lives. Clients who implement these powerful teachings will see improvements in their relationships and in their contributions to the organization.

Training and Development

PRO2CEO uses its own unique training and development approach called the 9 Medallions Method©. Our style enlightens our clients by providing engaging sessions to help retain what they have learned and transfer the learning on to others to benefit the entire organization. Our workshop series assists individuals and organizations alike to achieve and exceed personal and professional goals in work, sport and life.

Strategic Consulting

PRO2CEO is often referred and sought after to be the architects behind individuals, teams or businesses who seek an innovative solution to transform their careers or organization to new levels.

Why? Because we are a solution synthesis company who curates transformative solutions, today and tomorrow to ensure a brighter futures for our clients. We are striving everyday to be a national and world leader in the transition space for people in the sport and business industry. At PRO2CEO we like to work with the mindset that we are the team (your bench) who prepares you for what's next, with success!

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Content & Media

At PRO2CEO, our content services are designed to elevate your brand's online presence and knowledge dissemination. From expertly managing your social media platforms to crafting engaging digital courses, books, training manuals, and workbooks, we deliver impactful content tailored to your audience, helping you stand out in the digital landscape and drive meaningful engagement and growth.

How We Deliver for You?

Prospective clients come to us with limits on their business goals because the transformational change that needs to happen seems so far away. The work we do is to provide strategic solutions in the transition space for the sport and business community through a comprehensive assessment process and executing of our strategic consulting intelligence and business skills. We also have a world-class network and partners who are aligned with our goals, who we readily utilize to help our clients achieve their business and social impact goals. If you are a forward thinking individual, sports organization, institution, leadership team, or corporation seeking strategic solutions to your challenges, we are here to help you. PRO2CEO is equipped to provide the professional development, coaching and innovative consulting strategies for today’s ever-changing marketplace to help you or your organization win!

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Leadership Development Coaching

Training & Development

We train and coach professionals to become leaders in their industry and position them to become CEO’s of the life they desire.

Thriving in Plan B – In this session we use our 9 Medallions Method© model to show athletes how they can be successful not only in sport, but in the biggest game of all…life.

In this workshop we will address the tenants of good leadership and create vision, mission, and goal setting documents with progressive strategies to effectively lead others throughout the organization.

This session will show participants strategies on how to leverage current experiences to generate greater personal and professional opportunities and relationships.

In this session we will discuss goals and the motivation needed to design plans to help you achieve your goals no matter the obstacles.

In this seminar we examine work-life balance and discuss how you can find professional fulfillment that strikes the perfect balance.

This workshop discusses techniques to demonstrate how individuals can incorporate change management skills to maintain balance and progress towards personal and career success.

This seminar examines the individual and group dynamics needed to determine how differences can strengthen organizational success.

In this session the 9 Medallions Method© is used to show participants a values based empowerment model to approach work life issues with increased satisfaction and productivity.

In this workshop we examine what is the essence of great customer service and defining what it takes to reach, refer and retain customers.

This workshop focuses on how sport can be used to break down hidden barriers that exist within individuals and organizations and act as a conduit to increase relations and productivity within diverse teams.

Consultation Services

Our consulting services provides you solutions in the following areas: