Our Mission

Our Mission at PRO2CEO is to provide comprehensive training, business development consulting services and products specifically for high achieving athletes, artist, entertainers, and organizations that desire to improve their
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human potential for personal and professional success.

Our Values We Strive To Uphold

Our value position and our vision is…We understand the life of high achieving professionals. The 9Medallions (9M) Method will further allow you to assess where you are, and get you crystal clear on the direction you need to go
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To demonstrate a high level of respect for our clients and always give them our

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best effort to ensure they are successful in business.


To be enthusiastic about our clients and in the work we do so the outcome continues to drive us to be leaders in our respective industries.


To display an absolute belief in our ability to deliver quality services and products and assuring our clients in our ability to help them be successful.


To create a value centered environment operating with high ethical standards and our clients see us as an upstanding partner to be in business with.

The ability to access any situation you are faced with and fully trusting
the outcome is going to be successful.

The Confidence Medallion

Keeping your ego in check even when you have reached a respectable level of personal wealth, status, fame or recognition by remaining humble.

The Humility Medallion

Displaying “your insides on the outside” for all others to view how you internally handle adversity or success with dignity or disgust.

The Attitude Medallion

Training your mind to take you places you have never been to counter act anger, fear, pressure, pain and negativity in times of necessity.

The Mental Toughness Medallion

Possessing the drive to pursue what you desire most and realize it is nonnegotiable to give up on your cause no matter the circumstance...

The Passion Medallion

Using the positive mental capacity of your mind daily to expand learning on a continuous life-long basis for personal and professional success.

The Ingenuity Medallion

Displaying the capacity to seek and seize opportunities neatly disguised as risks, which are in line with your ultimate goals.

The Opportunism Medallion

Take away negative thoughts, forces, and people in your life and reversing your thinking to focus on positive thoughts and outcomes...

The Neutralize Negativity Medallion

Having a spiritual life and acknowledging a higher power to give thanks to for all that you have is one of life’s keys to achieving balance.

The Spiritual Synergy Medallion

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