Kevin Carr

Founder, CEO, and Principal of PRO2CEO

Acclaimed award-winning transition expert, Author, Leadership coach, Professor, and Keynote Speaker

Meet Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr is a 25-year sports business and professional development executive. As an acclaimed award-winning transition expert, author, leadership coach, and keynote speaker, Kevin Carr is the Founder, CEO and Principal of PRO2CEO, LLC. Kevin believed a high-performing professional development firm specializing in transition management for professionals in the sports, entertainment and business needed to exist. PRO2CEO is a career transition and business development-consulting firm for elite current & former athletes, artists and organizations who seek to increase their optimization and monetization in the business world.

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Kevin Has Experience in..

Built the first Life Skills Program for student-athletes at Florida State University and  Michigan State University

Assisted the NBA and NBAP to resolve the Malice and Place.

Assisted the NBA and NBAP resolve the Donald Sterling 

Founding Executive of the NBA G-League from 1- 21 teams

Provided comprehensive Professional programs for the UGA Athletics 

Industry Professor at University of Florida  and Adjunct Professor at University of Central Florida

Author of two Books 

Executive Coach/Industry Professor at UF and UCF

Founding Executive Team at the NBA to Launch NBA CARES an NBA-G-League CARES

Kevin The Professor

Kevin Has Been a Industry or Adjunct Professor at:


Academic Publications


The dual career theory and framework was applied to the “real-time” retirement announcement and self awareness letter written by former American National Basketball Association (NBA) player Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Five major themes emerged from this study that are descriptive of Kobe’s Dear Basketball self-awareness letter: a) Love, Passion, and Bonded Forever; b) Giving and Teamwork; c) Feeling Alive; d) Time To Say Goodbye; and e) Savor The Moments.

Six major themes emerged from Kobe’s narrative comments at his retirement press conference: a) Internal Peaceful Decision; b) Retirement in My Heart; c) Tough Moments Create Beauty; d) Love and Respect For Fans and Players; e) Life After Basketball: Figured Out Next Step; and f) Powerful Message For All Athletes. Recommendations for scholars and practitioners in the United States of America and Europe are provided based on the key findings and results of this research study.

"The process of progress must be taken one step at a time to not miss what you need to learn in order to reach your desired level of greatness!"

-Kevin Carr



By Kevin D. Carr

Over the almost 20 years of training emerging and seasoned business professionals and working with athletes at all levels in sport, there are four types of individuals that author and CEO Kevin Carr has encountered: Blamers, Clingers, Leapers and Doers. Each one has a unique approach, but only one is consistently successful. Which one is your perception of yourself? Knowing what type of professional you most align with will help you successfully get started on the path to win in whatever you strive to do in life, business and sport.

The Medalist​

By Kevin D. Carr

The new book The Medalist is a simplified unique leadership management approach based on real-life stories and experiences of its author Kevin Carr. The 9 Medallions within the book The Medalist were created to assist new and seasoned leaders to “be the CEO of their life” by establishing a solid foundation of time-tested 9 values to help you set standards in life and successfully lead yourself and others. When the 9 Medallion in The Medalist applied, simultaneously it becomes a causality empowerment model called – the “C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. Continuum.”

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