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We train and coach professionals to become leaders in their industry and position them to become CEO’s of the life they desire.

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Our Training and Development Workshops are Customizable to Meet Our Client’s Needs

Thriving in Plan B – In this session we use our 9 Medallions Method© model to show athletes how they can be successful not only in sport, but in the biggest game of all…life.

In this workshop we will address the tenants of good leadership and create vision, mission, and goal setting documents with progressive strategies to effectively lead others throughout the organization.

This session will show participants strategies on how to leverage current experiences to generate greater personal and professional opportunities and relationships.

In this session we will discuss goals and the motivation needed to design plans to help you achieve your goals no matter the obstacles.

In this seminar we examine work-life balance and discuss how you can find professional fulfillment that strikes the perfect balance.

This workshop discusses techniques to demonstrate how individuals can incorporate change management skills to maintain balance and progress towards personal and career success.

This seminar examines the individual and group dynamics needed to determine how differences can strengthen organizational success.

In this session the 9 Medallions Method© is used to show participants a values based empowerment model to approach work life issues with increased satisfaction and productivity.

In this workshop we examine what is the essence of great customer service and defining what it takes to reach, refer and retain customers.

This workshop focuses on how sport can be used to break down hidden barriers that exist within individuals and organizations and act as a conduit to increase relations and productivity within diverse teams.

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