PRO2CEO Workshops

PRO2CEO uses its own unique research-based human development approach called the 9 Medallions Method© (9M), which focuses on creating a values-clarification model for effective leadership success.
Our seminars help individuals, teams and organizations learn and achieve success in life, work, and sport.

The 9 Medallions Method to Leadership, Character and Values.

In this seminar, the 9 Medallions Method© is used to show participants a values-based “causality-empowerment” model to approach life issues with increased personal satisfaction and decision-making ability.

The Values Tournament to Working as a Team.

In this seminar, we use our Values Tournament tool to strengthen individual character and increase overall team chemistry.

Thriving in Your Plan B.

In this seminar, we show high-achievers how to transition from their first career to exploring new life and career opportunities full of potential and personal satisfaction.

Protecting and Connecting Your Social Brand.

In this seminar, we examine how to earn and keep followers by being digitally and socially responsible to protecting the image of the institution, while building your own positive reputation in today’s brand and media driven market.

Effective Communication and Presentation Skills.

In this seminar, we address the principles of effective communication and how to influence others and gain confidence when using newly acquired verbal and non-verbal techniques for future appearances and presentations.

Going PRO: Networking and Professionalism.

Whether you are a pro or go corporate, in this seminar participants will learn next-level professional etiquette strategies, how to assimilate in high-profile environments and build new relationships that generate great exposure and new opportunities.

Motivation and Goal Setting.

In this seminar, we will discuss the strategy and motivation needed to design plans to achieve goals no matter the obstacles so you can fulfill your future aspirations.

Professional to CEO.

In this seminar, we will discuss the opportunities that exist in business & industry, how to create joint ventures and partnerships, and the business acumen needed to be successful in building your own future business as an emerging entrepreneur.

Life & Career Balancing.

In this seminar, we provide relationship management and work-life balance tools and discuss how to find personal and professional fulfillment that strikes the perfect balance to managing all your life and work obligations.

The Mission and Vision of Leadership.

In this seminar, we will address the components of good leadership and create your own vision & mission chart, with progressive strategies to help you gain clarity and be a more effective leader within your team or organization.

Diversity Through Sports.

This seminar focuses on how sport can be used to break down hidden barriers present within organizations and act as a conduit to increase relations and productivity within a diverse team or organization.


This is a one-day training for organizations to provide athletes a better understanding of the pro sports world and the management responsibilities of being the future CEO of your own sports entity.

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