The 9 Medallions

9M's CHAMPIONS Continuum

Our Niche Methodology

The 9 Medallions (9M) is unique research-based life and leadership management approach. When applied, simultaneously it becomes a causality empowerment model – the “C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. Continuum”. The 9 Medallions were created to assist new and seasoned leaders “be the CEO of their life” by establishing a solid foundation of values that will help set standards in life and successfully lead others.



The ability to assess any situation you are faced with and fully trusting the outcome is going to be successful. Even when you do not know how a certain matter will unfold, you will yourself to handle the circumstance with tenacity and maximum effort because you are totally optimistic things will go your way.


Keeping your ego in check even when you have reached a respectable level of personal wealth, status, fame or recognition by remaining humble. Carry out this mentality by grounding yourself in being thankful and appreciative of all that you have because life is precious and life can change at a moment’s notice. Possess a “gratitude attitude” in all that you have and what you do for others.


Displaying “your insides on the outside” for all others to view how you internally handle adversity or success with dignity or disgust. No one else can supply a positive attitude for your life except you because true happiness begins and ends from within.

Mental Toughness

Training your mind to take you places you have never been to counter act anger, fear, pressure, pain and negativity in times of necessity. It is the innate ability to monitor and measure your positive or negative mental self-talk to determine the amount of superior versus inferior actions you will take during life’s most challenging moments.


Possessing the drive to pursue what you desire most and realize it is non-negotiable to give up on your cause no matter the circumstance, time involved or risk. The determination to give your love to the matter at hand is all that matters and serves as the inner fabric of what drives you to be all that you have been called to be.


Using the positive mental capacity of your mind daily to expand learning on a continuous life-long basis for personal and professional success. Expanding your intellect keeps you empowered, enlightened, and educated to remain competitive in any area for an infinite amount of time.


Displaying the capacity to seek and seize opportunities neatly disguised as risks, which are in line with your ultimate goals. In essence, you are preparing for the day when your dreams and destiny collide to make a new future for you. The windows of opportunity come and go, and your readiness factor to capitalize on connecting and turning possibilities into realities is key.

Neutralize Negativity

Take away negative thoughts, forces, and people in your life and reversing your thinking to focus on positive thoughts and outcomes to achieve personal and professional success. Until you can say no to the negative, your life cannot fully receive the positive benefits that are destined to come your way.

Spiritual Synergy

Having a spiritual life and acknowledging a higher power to give thanks to for all that you have is one of life’s keys to achieving balance. Do all you can to establish and sustain a spiritual relationship with your creator no matter who it is. A spirit filled life can give you more peace and internal power when life challenges you the most.

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