Keith D. Carr

Managing partner

Keith Carr is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Keith is a Co-Founder of PRO2CEO. He currently serves as General Partner. Keith partnered with his brother Kevin to launch PRO2CEO based on his extensive consulting background and brings over a decade and a half of direct business strategy, operations, research and management to the company.

Prior to PRO2CEO, Keith founded FOREFRONT Consulting, LLC in 2001 and is currently the company’s Principal. FOREFRONT is a consulting, research and advisory services firm that provides a broad range of professional business services. FOREFRONT is a Florida-based firm with national and international reach that uses the multi-industry knowledge and expertise of its consultants to solve problems of vital importance to its clients in strategy, planning, individual and organizational business process improvement, change management, creative branding, audit, compliance, risk management, security, training, online learning development, and technology-enabled learning development systems and web-based training. FOREFRONT’s expertise assists its clients in developing comprehensive assessment and performance measurement strategies that identify, evaluate, and monitor program or capital investment costs, benefits, risks, and results against short and long-term performance objectives.

Keith Carr also founded two other companies. He is the founder of the iDTheft Solutions Corporation in 2002, a privacy protection firm that specializes in information breach assistance, technology enabled Identity Theft (ID theft) prevention and resolution services and products for consumers and financial institutions. iDTheft Solutions also provides corporate background screening services and advisory services that assists private sector entities, institutions and non-profit organizations in protecting critical business objectives and successfully navigating legal and regulatory challenges.

Carr recently co-founded 4F Applied Technologies in January 2016, an enterprise business computing company. 4F provides custom business information technology platforms, consulting, and business process advisory services. 4F technology focuses on implementing enterprise IT, platform as a service and related technology assistance for public, private and non-profit entities. NoteActive is the first 4F enterprise software release.

The client portfolio of Carr’s companies consist of public, private and non-profit clients that includes – multiple Federal, State, County and City governments, private sector and non-profits organizations. A brief client list includes the US Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Assistance, Southeast Corporate, US Departments of Health and Human Services and Justice, Florida Network of Youth and Family Services, Florida Departments of Children and Families, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Health and Emergency Management, City of Miami, and Orange, Seminole, Hillsborough, Lake, Osceola County Governments, YMCA, Lutheran Services, Children’s Home Society to name just a few.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Keith worked nearly 10 years in local, state government agencies and with Florida Legislature in criminal and juvenile justice, probation, organizational management, operations, research and policy development. Keith is a graduate of Florida State University (FSU) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Policy.

Carr is a Trustee on the FSU Foundation Board of Trustees. He chairs the Foundation’s Audit Committee. He is a Life Member and past Vice President of the Florida State Alumni Association and was also past President of the FSU Black Alumni Association. He is also a past board member of the FSU School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Carr was also an Adjunct Professor for 4 years at FSU. Further, he has served as a speaker at numerous national conferences/meetings on various organizational and performance improvement, risk management and fraud related topics.

Carr is philanthropist. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, a professional community and civic organization. Carr shares his time by mentoring to youth and provides business mentorship to start-up and early stage non-profit organizations. Since 2005 he has contributed 5% percent of product, one percent of equity, and 5% percent of his consultants and employees’ hours back to the communities it serves.  Carr and his wife have focused their personal philanthropy on providing access to higher education for First-Generation College Students from their home-towns by establishing a Scholarship fund in their names at FSU. Carr resides in Orlando, Florida with his wife and daughter.


PRO2CEO is a career transition and business development consulting firm for elite current & former athletes, artists and organizations who seek to increase their optimization and monetization in the business world. We help create business collaborations, ventures and partnerships for high achieving individuals and organizations.

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