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MLB Report 2023

PRO2CEO REPORTBASEBALL EDITIONVOLUME 1 RESEARCH CONSTRUCTION At PRO2CEO, transition is our mission. As such, the goal of the following list is to bring awareness and credibility to athletes as serious business professionals and practitioners in their respective industries. From top to bottom, we have researched and ranked the most successful entrepreneurs, judging their aims in […]

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NFL Report 2023

Top NFL Post-Career Transitions Maintaining a keen eye on the transition of players in, through, and out of professional football is essential. In addition to the inherent physicality of the sport, there are myriad reasons as to why NFL players need to be preparing for a successful transition essentially from the outset. Injuries shorten careers.

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WNBA Report 2023

PRO2CEO REPORT FALL 2023 – WNBA INTRODUCTION There are several components that make this iteration of the PRO2CEO Report the most unique to date. The objective remains the same, as we strive to highlight the most important and successful transitions from the world of sport into the arena of business. The WNBA, however, stands in

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NBA Report Winter 2023

PRO2CEO REPORTSUMMER 2023 PRO2CEO NBA LIST Previous iterations of the PRO2CEO Report have focused on the Top 20 transitions out of professional sports into the business world. Each of the Major League Baseball and National Football League lists featured a number of trends. Baseball was heavily involved in venture capital or investment funds, choosing instead to

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Kevin Carr, Founder, and CEO of PRO2CEO, is joined by Clark Kellogg, CBS Sports basketball analyst and former NBA player. Mr. Kellogg has years of experience in the basketball industry, both as a player and a commentator. He is also the voice of the popular video game NBA 2k. Throughout the podcast, he shares his experiences from his time at Ohio State University, the Indiana Pacers, and the transition from player to commentator after his playing career ended prematurely. Kellogg shares insights on skills and attributes that are necessary to excel in the broadcasting industry and stories about his personal transition.

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Kevin Carr, Founder, and CEO of Pro2CEO, is joined by Stacey Garcia to discuss her current role as the Senior Director of Athlete Brand Partnerships at The SpringHill Company and the numerous roles she previously served earlier in her career. Throughout the podcast, Ms. Garcia provides insights and advice for students and young workers on

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